I Can Hear You

I was born fifteen minutes ago and I am ever so relieved!  No one could ever imagine the tension and fear webabies have before we’re born.  And though all adults have been babies at one point in their life, some still forget that and act cruelly.

At first, I was so excited.  I could hear my elder siblings-to-be laughing and talking and having so much fun; I just couldn’t wait to join them.  But then there was this one terrifying night when I heard people talking about killing me.  It was at the doctor’s office and at first, I couldn’t believe my ears!  Kill a perfectly innocent baby!  What were they thinking!  ‘Are they just kidding’, I wondered.  But what if they really did do as they were talking about…  I seemed to get dizzy as a jumble of thoughts circled my head.  Didn’t they understand that I was another person just like them?  Didn’t they understand that I could hear them?  Maybe they didn’t care much about me because they didn’t see me.  Or maybe it was because I was much smaller than them.  What’d I do anyways?  It’s not like I could do anything, being still an unborn baby.  Hmmm..maybe that’s why they thought they can do anything they wanted with me – because I couldn’t fight back.

The days went by and as each day passed, I grew more frightened than the day before.  There was no more talk about killing me but I was still afraid.  I was in a weak position and they could still do whatever they wanted.  Then, about two weeks after the first conversation about killing me, they talked about it again.  This time – more seriously.  They also had stronger arguments.  I was most surprised, though, when my own mother started saying that it was her body and she could do what she wanted with it!  ‘But I’m a whole different person,’ I thought.  It was terribly frightening.  I thought about it more than ever before.  If I didn’t get a chance to be born, then I wouldn’t be able to do what all my siblings got to do.  They got the chances to play and go to school and have fun.  It just wouldn’t be right for me not to get those experiences.  I kept asking myself why, why, why.  Why do they think they can do something like that?  Why would they even think about it?  Isn’t murder a crime?  It didn’t seem right at all to me and I had no idea what changed their minds but for some reason, they stopped talking about it altogether and I was born after all!  It was the happiest moment of my life when I was born!

I will never be the cause for a little baby’s death when I grow up and I hope others realize babies can hear everything they say, even in their mother’s womb.

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