Surah Mulk/Tabarak Tafsir Part 1

I recently studied the tafsir of Surah Mulk and I learned a lot. Here are just some of the things I learned…

In Surah Mulk, there are two things mentioned in almost every ayah: Mulk and Kudra. These are both features of Allah. Mulk talks about how Allah governs and owns. Kudra talks about Allah’s ability to do anything He wants to. These two things are connected – After being the Governor, then Allah must do something afterwards, which is His ability.

Two features of Allah mentioned...

Another thing I learned is that in this Surah, the word ‘Allah’ is only mentioned once and in that time, it isn’t Allah Who is saying it, it is someone else. This shows that this surah is for everyone, believer or not. It has facts that nobody can deny.

In the second ayah, ‘Alladhee Khalaqal Mawta Wal Hayaata liyablu akum ayyukum ahsanu amala, wa huwal azizul ghafoor’ -Who has created death and life so that He may test you – which of you is the best in deeds and He is the Al-mighty, the Forgiving. How can we define ‘the best of deeds’?  One scholar mentioned that the one who does the best of deeds is the one who does what Allah wants him to do without adding or subtracting anything. Allah doesn’t want ‘tannattaw’ which is thinking that the halal is haram to avoid the punishment of the Hellfire.

In this ayah, the Mulk (Ownership) is that Allah can test you since He is the Governor.  The Kudra (Ability) is that He has created death and life.

(*Activity* – See below)

Something else I learned from this surah is that on the Day of Judgment, Allah will take everyone’s ability to lie from them and no one can tell a single lie, or even say a half-truth.  This shows Allah’s ability.

Later in the surah, when Allah talks to those who deny that there is an Allah, He says, ‘Aw a lum yarow illattayri faw qakum saaffaatiwwa yaq bidn, maa yumsikuhunna illarrahmaan, inil kafiroona illa fi ghuroor.’

Do they not see the birds above them, spreading out their wings and folding them in?  None holds them except  the Most Gracious.  Verily He is the All Seer of everything.

Birds Flying...Who holds them up?

Here, Allah is saying how important it is to look with insight and not just look blindly.  When we see the birds flying in the air, we should think how amazing Allah is that He can hold all the birds up at one time.  He can see all of the birds in sky, even if they are in different parts of the Earth.

(*Activity* – See below)

Next, Allah says, ‘Amman hadhalladhee huwa jundullakum yansurukum min doonirrahmaan, inil kaafiroona illa fee ghuroor’

Who besides He the Most Gracious can be an army to help you?  The disbelievers are in nothing but delusion

‘Amman hadhalladhee yar zukukum inam saka rizqah, ballaju fi ‘ootuwwiww wa nufoor’

Who is he that can provide for you if He should withhold His provisions?   Nay, but they continue to be in pride and flee

If you don't call this arrogance, then what is it?

It is important to depend on Allah for help and not be arrogant and think that we can help ourselves and we don’t have to ask Allah for things.

Then Allah says that He has given us eyesight, hearing, and hearts.  We should be grateful for these gifts and should use them in the right way.

Allah has given us too many gifts to count so how can we complain?

I hope you learned a lot about Surah Mulk.  Have fun doing the following activities:

Activity #1:  Go on or find Surah Mulk in your mushaf and try to find the Mulk and Kudra in each ayah of the surah.

Activity #2: Have you ever seen birds flying high in the sky and circling around a tree or resting on the traffic lights or forming a perfect arrow and flying to a warmer place during the fall?  The next time you see birds flying, think about this ayah.  Take a picture or draw a sketch of the birds each time you see them.  After you have many pictures of the birds, put them together in a book and write about it.

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