Art Time with Yusuf: How to Make Your Own Earth Friendly Boat

What’s cooler than having your own boat in your house that you made yourself?  Watch this awesome video to find out how you can make your own boat.  With just a few everyday supplies that you can find in your house, you will soon have an awesome boat and will soon find yourself in a bunch of adventures.  Here are just some of the many things you can use your boat for:

Recycling an Old Box...

- Play cool adventure games in your boat.  Have someone be the captain and some others can be the crew.  Make believe different adventures such as bumping into a glacier, going through a terrible storm, and lots more.

- Store some of your most favorite and special things in your boat so you don’t lose them.  Just remember not to be too messy!

- Grab a couple of your favorite books and curl up into your boat with a comfortable blanket and read.

- Use it as a perfect hiding place when you play the game hide-and-go seek

- Play all sorts of board and card games inside it with your friends or siblings.  Put it under a table and put a sheet on top of the table and you’ll have your own personalized tent.  It’s always more exciting to play games in a tent!

- If your younger sister or brother is making a fuss when your parents are busy, then put him/her inside and start pushing him/her around and soon your sibling will be laughing with delight!

If you have any more ideas as to what you can use your boat for, email or fill in the comment section below.

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