Physical Science Story: The Three States of Matter

A few months ago, I wrote this story for a chapter in science I was studying.  I hope it helps you understand about the properties of solids, liquids, and gasses!

Physical Science Story: The Three States of Matter

“I’ve got the streamers!” Yusuf shouted.
“I have the balloons!” Huda announced.
“The plates and cups are safe with me!” Furkan yelled.
“Where’s the food?” Nur asked impatiently.
“Baba put all the food in the trunk,” Huda replied.  Yusuf appeared from behind the car.  His hands were full of party decorations.
Then Baba came out of the house.  ”Is everything ready for the party?” he asked.
“Yes!” the kids shouted.
“Wait for me!” Meryem squealed.  She ran behind Baba with a box of plastic forks in her arms.  Mama had the spoons and knives.
“I think we’re set,” Mama said.  They jumped in the car and went on their way to the first summer picnic of the summer.  Every summer, the families would get together and occasionally have picnics at the park.  Everyone would pitch in and bring something.  And they didn’t have to worry if it rained because the park had a nice hall where they could party in, too.
“I sure hope it doesn’t rain,” Yusuf said.  ”I want to play with our dart guns.  I told the other boys to bring their dart guns, too and their dart packs, of course.  It’ll be great!”
“I hope it does rain,” Furkan announced.  Yusuf stared at him.
‘You’re joking, right?” he asked.
“No, I’m serious,” Furkan said.  ”I heard they installed a new arcade in the hall.”
“Whatever,” Yusuf said.
“Hey, did you tell Ibrahim to bring his dart gun?” Furkan asked.  He was referring to the new boy who moved in town two weeks ago.
“Yup,” said Yusuf.
“Good,” said Furkan, “I didn’t want him to feel left out.  He is strange and kind of different, after all.”
“Well,” said Yusuf, ” I told him to bring his dart gun and dart pack, but then guess what he said.”
“What?” Furkan asked.
“He said that he doesn’t have a dart gun!” Yusuf exclaimed.
“What?’ Furkan asked, so surprised that he almost fell out of his seat.  Luckily, he had his seatbelt on.
“Every boy we know has a dart gun and most of our friends have dart packs, too,” Furkan said.
“Ibrahim is different, but maybe we can still have fun with him,” Yusuf said.
‘I just hopes he doesn’t ruin anything,” Furkan muttered.  ”Remember when he suggested that we do extra studying since we don’t have school in the summer?”
“Yeah,” Yusuf replied, “One of the adults overheard him and then told us to each write an essay about how our summer was going so far.”
“That was horrible!” Furkan groaned, remembering writing that essay.
“And that other time when..” Yusuf started, but then Baba announced, “We’re here!”
Huda and Meryem burst into excited squeals and laughter as they scrambled to get out of their seats and rushed to join their friends.
“Hey look!” Furkan shouted.  ”There’s Hamza and Ibrahim.”  The boys looked around the park.
There were very few people scattered around the park.  Hamza and Ibrahim were standing under a tree near the swings.  One of Huda’s friends was drinking water from the fountain.  Some of the parents were setting up tents for shade and food tables.  Other parents were just starting to decorate the park.  In all, there was about fifteen people so far.
“Come and help, boys!” Baba called them.  Furkan and Yusuf went to the trunk and each carried a few things.  After helping the adults for a while, they went to talk to Hamza and Ibrahim.
“Assalamaualaikum,” Hamza and Ibrahim greeted them.
After replying their greeting Yusuf said, “There’s not many people here yet.  Did the people forget or what?”
“Yes,” said Ibrahim. Furkan and Yusuf an Hamza exchanged looks.  They were still trying to get used to the fact that Ibrahim always said ‘yes’ instead of ‘yeah’ or ‘yup’ like they did.   “I mean, I agree with you when you said that there is not many people here yet.  It’s like we’re the particles of a gas, all spread out with lots of space to run around.”  The boys exchanged looks again.  What was that supposed to mean?
“I don’t think anyone could forget something like this,” said Hamza.  ”See, here comes Abdullah.  If there was anyone who would forget, it would be Abdullah – not anyone else!”
They laughed.  Abdullah saw them and he came running towards them.
“Salam!” he said. “I love picnics at the park!”  He twirled around in a circle, jumped up and fell back in the grass laughing.
“Hey, Abdullah!” his elder sister Amina called to him. “‘Don’t dirty your clean clothes!”
Abdullah made a face and pointed to his clothes.  ”Why do I have to wear this?” he asked, wrinkling his nose.
“It’s a special celerbration for the start of summer,” Yusuf reminded him. “We should dress nicely.”
“Nicely?’ Abdullah repeated. “I hardly would call this dressed nicely!”  Furkan grinned.  ”Me neither,” he said.

Soon, the park began filling up.  There was space for the boys to run around, but every so often they’d bump into a crowd of girls playing with dolls or a bunch of adults talking about the latest news.

“Ugh!” said Abdullah.  ”I keep bumping into people!  Let’s stop playing with our dart guns and play something else.”
“Yes, like partcicles in a liquid,” Ibrahim said.
“How about ‘follow the leader’?” Yusuf suggested.
“Great idea!” exclaimed Zahid. “Let’s play!”  The boys played for a long time.  Soon, it was time to eat.    Everyone gathered around the tables to fill their empty stomachs.  Just as they were about to start munching on their dessert, a loud rumblin sound was heard.
“That was’nt my tummy!” Abdullah was quick to say.  Everyone laughed, but it was a short laughter.  Rain began to pour down on top of them.
“It’s raining!” one of the adults shouted.  The men grabbed some sheets and covered the food.  The mothers grabbeb some of the little kids and  put them under the tents.
“Let’s go in the shed!” suggested one of the adults.  Soon, everyone was crowded together in the small hall in the shed.  They could brely move at all.
“I thought you said that there was an arcade here,” Yusuf complained to Furkan.
“That’s what Hamza told me,” Furkan said.
“Don’t blame me,” Hamza said. “Bilal told me that there was arcade.”
“No,” said Bilal, “I said that there might be an arcade because I wasn’t sure if Abdullah was kidding or not when he told me that.”
“I said that the people were thinking of putting in an arcade,” said Abdullah.
The other boys rolled their eyes.
“I wish it wasn’t raining,” Abdullah moaned. “It’s so squishy inside here.”
“Yes,” said Ibrahim. “Like the particles of a solid.”
The boys stared at him.
“Will you explain please?” asked Furkan.  ”You’ve been saying weird things all day.”
“Yeah, please,” said Zahid. “I’s kind of confusing.”
“What do you mean?” Ibrahim asked.
“Well,” said Yusuf, “you were talking about gas in the beginning, but I always think of gas when my dad goes to the gas station to refill the car.”
“And you talked about liquids when we were playing with our dart guns,” said Hamza. “I always think of liquids when I have a cold. Then, my parents or doctors keep telling me to drink lots of liquids.”
“And now you are talking about solids,” said Furkan.
“Oh, yes,” said Ibrahim.  ”In the beginning of the party, very few people were here and they were all spread out.  It is the same as in the particles of a gas.”
The boys stared at him, still xonfused.
“You see,” said Ibrahim, “there are three states of matter.  Matter comes in three different forms.  One way is gas.  The particles in a gas are all spread out.  They don’t touch each other.  Gas doesn’t have its own shape or volume.  Another state is liquid.  In a  liquid, the particles are closer together and they move around and bump into each other like when we were playing with the dart guns.  We kept bumping into each other.  Liquids don’t have their own shape but they do have their own volume.  Then, there is solid.  We are right now packed together like a solid.  We can move in our places, but we can’t move around.  Solids have their own shapes aand their own volumes.”
“Oh,” ssaid Yusuf, “now I understand.”
“We learned about this in scchool,” said Hamza.
“You always say that,” laughed Furkan. “But you never rememeber until someone reminds you about the facts.”
The boys laughed.
“It stopped!  The rain died down!” they heard one of the adults suddenly say.
Everyone cheered and rushed out of the building.  The boys went back to having fun.
The End

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