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The Summer When Everything Changed

For Hanaan, the freedom of summer means hours of uninterrupted quality time with her sister and countless sunny days spend writing in her special place. For Ameerah, it means shooting hoops with her friends and working out.

But unwelcome family circumstances shatter their plans, throwing the two girls with vastly different personalities together. Can they set aside their differences to resolve an important union or will their mutual dislike result in disaster for both of their families?

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STAIRS Series: Trouble with Babysitting, Allergy Attack, Yusuf’s Robot, Time Travel

Trouble with Babysitting
Nur ’s baby sister, Maryam, is always full of surprises. She is energetic, demanding, and a catastrophe waiting to happen. Can Nur make it through an evening babysitting Maryam? Can she stop losing her patience every five minutes? Huda wants to save her friend’s sanity, but how?

Allergy Attack
Allergies have taken over Nur’s life. It’s bad enough that they have ruined Nur’s spring vacation, but now they’re threatening to change Nur’s personality. Huda has to find a way to stop Nur’s allergies from getting the better of her, but how?

Yusuf’s Robot
Yusuf finally gets his Robot kit. And wow—the Robot is cool! A bit too cool when it starts to eat up Yusuf’s time and makes him forget his chores. When he forgets to pray too, Nur knows she must step in. But what can she possibly do?

Time Travel
Yusuf is sure he will succeed in his quest to build a time machine. After all, he has an inventor’s magic thumb, which has never failed him in his previous inventions. Nur and her friends are concerned that Yusuf is overestimating his own abilities. How can they help him realize this before he falls short of his ambitious goals and loses faith in himself?

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