11 Saddest Deaths in Dirilis: Ertugrul Ranked

*Warning: Major Spoilers Ahead for all five seasons of Dirilis: Ertugrul*

So, I’ve been wanting to write an Ertugrul post for a long time, ever since we were still binge-ing through the show. Now, four months after having finished the season finale (wow, has it really been that long?), it is now time.

The first time my family ever watched Ertugrul was in circa 2015/2016 back when it was still only in Turkish and there were only 1 or 2 seasons. We started watching the first episode on YouTube with my dad translating what was going on since there were no English subtitles. When I watch something, I like to understand every single thing that is happening, so this was short-lived. I don’t think we even made it through half the episode.

Fast forward to late 2017 when Ertugrul now had subtitles in many different languages and had the first two seasons up on Netflix. We actually subscribed to Netflix for the purpose of watching Ertugrul. And the rest is history. My mom, my sisters, and I were the main viewers, and we watched everything together. My dad joined in most of the time, and my brothers stopped by every now and then. We finished the entire show in about a year and a half (Season 5 started airing when we were on Season 3 or 4), and we are now lifelong fans.

Anyone who watches the show knows that one of its most memorable features is the intensity of the death scenes. No matter how much we hate them, Ertugrul just isn’t Ertugrul without the deaths. We grow attached to the characters, root for them, feel their pain, and then…they are wrenched from us in traumatizing, unforgivable ways. Each of these deaths represents some truth about life: some deaths are the result of betrayal, while others occur after a major sacrifice. And some deaths just seem utterly pointless. However, all of the deaths demonstrate that, just as in real life, ready or not, everyone’s set time will come. Ertugrul reinforces the fact that just as we have our own plans and hopes and dreams, there is a greater plan ultimately destined for each of us.

So, I thought it was only fitting that my first Ertugrul blog post should be about the deaths, remembering the characters who have departed over the course of the five seasons, but who will never be forgotten. I put particular thought into my specific ranking and the characters who I chose and the ones I left out, although some of it was pretty difficult to rank. A lot of this is subjective, so I understand that not all fans would agree with my choices. However, I based my ranking on a few selective criteria: where each person was in his/her life, who he/she left behind, how he/she died. I did not choose the order based on who my personal favorite characters are.

If you have read until this point and you haven’t watched Seasons 1-5 of Ertugrul, be warned: the spoilers are about to begin. If you still wish to continue reading, do so at your own risk.

Here is my list of the 11 saddest, most memorable deaths from Dirilis: Ertugrul.

11. Suleyman Shah

The death of Ertugrul’s father at the end of Season 1 is certainly a very moving transition point in the show. The reason I ranked it as the lowest on the list is not because it isn’t sad. On the contrary, it is one of the first deaths in the show that really tugs at the heartstrings. This is the first time someone from Ertugrul’s immediate family dies. The death of Suleyman Shah, the bey of the Kayi tribe, not only leaves a huge empty spot in his family, but also has serious political implications for the Kayis. Compared to many of the other deaths, however, Suleyman Shah’s passing comes after the end of a long, accomplished life. His is one of the only deaths that is completely expected; it is literally foreshadowed from the first episode of the series. Dying in the arms of two of his beloved sons, following the completion of an important mission for his tribe and a heartfelt goodbye to his wife, Suleyman Shah dies in a very fitting tribute for his character.

10. Ertugrul

Ok, so some of you might say that Ertugrul doesn’t count because he doesn’t actually die during the course of the show. However, because of the number of times he fake died (in almost every single season) and the fact that the whole tribe mourned him and held a whole funeral for him, I thought it made sense to add him to my list. Even though Ertugrul Bey, the hero of the show and the leader of the Kayis, as well as the Ucbey, doesn’t actually die, his “death” scenes when his family and tribe think he’s dead are extremely devastating and emotional. Losing Ertugrul for them is losing a central piece of their tribe. The only reason Ertugrul’s death scenes (Seasons 2, 3, 4) are ranked so low on this list is because he doesn’t actually die.

9. Yigit

Yigit’s death is a tragic end to Season 2. His entire lifespan is extremely short, as he dies in his early teens. Furthermore, he spends his whole life on the run from people who either want to kill him or manipulate him for their own political gain. Seeing Halime watch her little brother die is heartbreaking, but the reason I ranked Yigit’s death lower in the list is because death provides rest for him. If he had continued to remain alive, there would have always been someone out to get him because of his royal blood. Living with that constant worry for someone so young is tragic, so in a way, Yigit’s death is a bit of a relief. He dies with honor, remaining loyal to his people until the very end.

8. Samsa Alp

My list wouldn’t be complete without one of the countless fierce, brave alps who lost their lives fighting oppression and defending their people. Samsa Alp represents that intense dedication and willingness to sacrifice for the sake of Allah and His cause. Samsa is actually one of my dad’s top favorite characters (perhaps second only to Deli Demir), so losing him was a heavy blow to our family. His death in Season 4, the result of betrayal and trickery from people who were supposed to be trusted, is one of the worst kinds of deaths we see on Dirilis: Ertugrul. The cruelty with which his murderers kill him and the fact that he dies alone surrounded by enemies only increases the tragedy of his death. One of the gentlest, kind-faced alps, Samsa endures a difficult life, losing his own bey (Tugtekin), readjusting to life in a new tribe, and eventually dying a cruel, painful death.

7. Deli Demir

Deli Demir’s death towards the end of Season 2 is truly one of the worst, saddest deaths that occurs on the show. A beloved man by all, Deli Demir is an unforgettable character for his light-hearted banter, his expressive story-telling, his passion while blacksmithing, and his kindness to the young and old alike. His funeral really elicits goosebumps like few others do, as we can see how much the Kayi people have loved him and cared for him. His voice in the background during the funeral is extremely powerful as he tells one last story and shares his wisdom one last time. Despite having no living blood relatives left, Deli Demir has clearly made a mark on his people who will not forget him. After a long, difficult life, it is fitting for him to join his family. His final courageous act of seeking to avenge his daughter Aykiz’s death (no matter how pointless it may seem) is an appropriate end for this passionate, beloved character.

6. Suleyman (Junior)

Next up is the only Season 5 death that has made it on this list: that of young Suleyman, Gundogdu and Selcan’s son and namesake of Suleyman Shah. Everything about his death is tragic: his youth, the extreme torture he is subjected to, the fact that he dies alone with his killers, and the family he has left behind. After all the miscarriages and difficulty having children Selcan endures way back in the first two seasons, having her lose her son in this way is unimaginable. Suleyman’s death is one of the few scenes I’ve had to close my eyes for, and it definitely is one of the most traumatic deaths on the show.

5. Gokce

Gokce’s death is definitely very traumatic and a terrible end to the character’s life. I can’t tell whether the worst part is that she is simply being used as a pawn in a much larger conflict or that she is killed right in front of her husband. Gokce is one of the characters who goes through considerable character development, growing through each of the life challenges she endures. The tragedy of her death is multiplied by the fact that she is a newly-wed bride. Although her husband Tugtekin technically dies right after she does, he didn’t make it on this list because he made the last few months of her life pretty miserable. Basically, Gokce’s life and death both sucked. Of course, she had to make the list.

4. Aslihan

I am a bit conflicted about Aslihan’s death. On one hand, I am heartbroken by the loss of such a powerful female character who has gone through more character development than almost anyone else on the show. On the other hand, I love that her final moments reflect her inner courage and tenacity to get things done. Aslihan is probably the first person to manage a secret attack on Sadettin Kopek, arguably the worst bad guy from all five seasons of the show. I was trying not to be too gruesome in this post, but she literally stabs him multiple times before eventually dying by his hands. I actually cheered while watching the beginning of this scene, but when I came back to the sober realization that this beloved character was dying, I felt the enormous tragedy of the situation. Even though she knew she was walking to her death, and apart from Aslihan being a young newly-wed bride at the cusp of a long, full life, the fact that she leaves behind her husband Turgut, a man who has endured tragedy after tragedy his entire life, makes it so much worse. Every time Turgut seems to gain some happiness in his life, someone he loves is ripped away from him, and that is what make Aslihan’s death so tragic (also that, technically, her efforts to kill Kopek fail, so the entire thing is pointless, despite the heroics).

3. Aykiz

Of course, each of Turgut’s wives (who both die tragic early deaths) would come right after each other on this list. Oh, Aykiz! Aykiz’s character, her story, and her death are so poignant, so memorable that even after five seasons, we still remember her keenly. Her early Season 2 death is definitely one of the most unforgivable occurrences in the show. Aykiz is most people’s favorite character when they start watching Season 1. She is a fierce, strong warrior, extremely skillful with a bow and arrow. At the same time, she is a devoted, dependable friend and family member. We love Aykiz, not just because of her many strengths, but also because she is a flawed, real human being who has doubts and sometimes has trouble being patient during the rough challenges life throws at her. When she finally seems to get her happiness at the end of Season 1, everything is shattered with her appalling death at the very beginning of Season 2. Of all the ways for Aykiz to meet her end, her horrible, agonizing, drawn-out death is completely uncalled for. There’s no question about it. Aykiz’s death definitely belongs in the top three saddest Ertugrul deaths.

2. Dogan

Turgut, Bamsi, and Dogan. Ertugrul’s three sidekicks who everyone expected would always stick together. Among the three of them, Dogan is definitely the kindest, the gentlest, the purest soul who could never hurt anyone. He balances out Turgut’s fierceness and Bamsi’s intense zeal with his calm and simple nature. Dogan is beloved because of his beautiful character, and that is primarily what makes his death so heartbreaking. Furthermore, the fact that he is leaving behind his young pregnant wife, never to meet his unborn orphaned son makes it even worse. It is truly difficult to ever forgive Dundar for his foolish, fatal error that results in this tragedy. Dogan’s death reduces Ertugrul’s trio of alps to a pair, and for this, it is at the top of my list.

1. Halime

Finally, here is my top saddest, most memorable, worst death from all five seasons of Dirilis: Ertugrul. There isn’t much to say about Halime’s death, since few would argue against this choice. Some may say that the worst thing about Halime’s death is watching her young son, Gunduz, call out her name or listening to newborn baby Osman cry for his mother, with little Savci sitting alone nearby; these three must grow up without their mother, two of them never remembering Halime at all. Others may say the worst thing is seeing the strong, undefeated Ertugrul crumple at the sight of his dead wife. I think the worst part is that she didn’t actually have to die since the real-life Halime in history didn’t really die until much later in life. Her death in the show is a moving incident that reminds us that, sometimes, we don’t truly appreciate what we have until we lose it. The loss of such a central character is life-shattering, as Ertugrul loses his wife who has loyally stood by him for four entire seasons, their children lose their mother, and the entire Kayi tribe loses a beautiful, kind-hearted soul who helped lead them through their many, many struggles.

So, those are my top 11 saddest, most memorable Ertugrul deaths ranked. Do you agree with my choices? How would you change this list?

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  1. nabilrab says:

    the show definitely showcases the fleeting nature of life and the importance of trust in God in all situations, good and difficult. thanks for the read.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Huda says:

    I think halime definitely is number 1, but although I love aykiz I feel like she cud be ranked lower compared to some others like deli demir, overall nice ratings. Halimes rating was very emotional


  3. I agree with you on all the characters. Certainly their deaths were heartbreaking and very emotional. Halime’s death was the ultimate. And your 1st and last rankings were perfect. Suleiman Shah’s death certainly was not unexpected. Overrally,you did great with your rankings.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. sidunique says:

    Ertugrul Ghazi and Emotions Of Elevation: Why Important? Read and Follow




    Liked by 1 person

    1. nurkose says:

      Yes, Aykiz’s death was definitely so sad! Aykiz was one of my all-time favorite characters even though she never really made past season 1. Regarding Halime, I think whether viewers prefer her as a character or not, her death/death scene was still the saddest for many of the specific reasons I mentioned.


    2. Write #HalimeHouse everywhere, this must go GLOBALLLLLL HAHAHAHAH says:



  6. Hanzala says:

    Aykiz is no 1

    Liked by 2 people

  7. zainab aslam says:

    all the rankings are perfect but i think the list is incomplete without Aliyar bey in it. he was such a strong character. Also he became a close comrade of ertugrul bey. He was one of my most favourite characters. His death was saddening for everyone i guess.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. nurkose says:

      I agree Aliyar’s death was really sad! When I wrote the post, I think Aliyar’s passing was more of a distant memory and I didn’t think to include it. If I wrote the ranking again, I would probably include him (he was also one of my favorite characters!). At the same time, Aliyar’s life itself was sad and he had to leave his dream of pursuing his education to take the place of his father in the tribe. He died among loved ones as a martyr so at least he did get an honorable death.


    2. Emira says:

      Yes, Alyar and Kutluca as well, so so sad


  8. Danyra says:

    The list is great but my all time favourite character was Ares and his death made me cry i miss him i feel like the show is incomplete without him😭😭😭😭😭


    1. nurkose says:

      Ares/Ahmet’s death was definitely a sad one! But I think we also saw it coming.


  9. What about Kutluca at the end of season 3, and Ishaq, who didn’t even get to read the Shahaadah before he died


    1. nurkose says:

      Those deaths don’t come to mind right away because they were more minor characters, but they were definitely really sad!


  10. Saarim Khan says:

    My favriote charecters are:Ertugrul bey and abdulrahman because he killed aytoulyn


  11. Saarim Khan says:

    My favriote charecters are:Ertugrul bey and abdulrahman because he killed aytoulyn gummestikins sister


  12. Hannah says:

    I think dogan is the saddest because from trio became to duo
    Poor bamsi and turgut.
    And i feel sorry for turgut’s lost .Both of his wife died.
    And i agree halime being number one


  13. Saaarim says:

    Hi i love ertugrul


  14. Anonymous says:

    I think without aliyar the list is nothing he left his sister and dad in season 3 just for justice

    Liked by 1 person

  15. Farzan says:

    Aliyar Bey deserves to be on the list. He stood against his own father and family for the truth. was one of my favourite character. there was so much to learn from his character

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Sham says:

    I was more interested in the warriors and actions than the love story so I didn’t really cry about halime death, I mean I did but for me she can be ranked like number five, dogan will definitely be my number one, then suleman junior, then wild demir. Also gokce will be kicked out of this list since I didn’t really like her, I will like to add to the list aslan brother, ali ar and ogz the warrior


  17. Sham says:

    I was more interested in the warriors and actions than the love story so I didn’t really cry about halime death, I mean I did but for me she can be ranked like number five, dogan will definitely be my number one, then suleman junior, then wild demir. Also gokce will be kicked out of this list since I didn’t really like her, I will like to add to the list aslan brother, ali ar and ogz the warrior


  18. hello56479 says:

    I totally agree with these rankings, but I you forgot Aliyar’s death, he lived a life full of struggles, fighitng for justice always. His death was really saddening, you should add him in.


  19. Imelda ScottMorris says:

    My husband and I have watched no th thing but this series for the past nine days . This should definitely get an award. I hope there also is a season 6.


  20. ertugrul says:

    yea Halima’s death was sad


  21. Eileen says:

    Watched and love every episode. Love the Alps.


  22. Michael Thomas says:

    Great list, but if I were to change it Dogan would be number 1 it was the only scene where I got tear-eyed. But that is my opinion. But how about Dumrul’s death because he’s been with all the alps for most of the seasons and his loyalty and fighting alongside Ertugrul is truly nothing to forget about when thinking about the saddest deaths. Dumrul was probably the saddest death in season 5 because of how a character in most of the seasons who was one of the bravest fighters has to end his life.


  23. Bue says:

    I think Sulayman jr sould be higher…


    1. Bue says:

      Also oguz alp


  24. shoaib khan says:

    why is omer or Claudius name not on this list his death was tragic as well but the death that I found the most tragic out of all was yigits death


  25. Salma says:

    Loved the article. My feelings exactly . I wept shamelessly at every death.
    I would add Aliyar. Solid .. faithful…forced into a situation he didn’t want to be in…loyal to Ertugrul…and would have proven to be a great ally.

    And Dumrul Alp. Quiet and dependable. Always there.


  26. Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. says:

    Very interesting article. i’m biggest fan of their series. Now i watch Osman’s series – not the same really. I google wonder where Turalsi, dogan’s wife and son, some people are disappeared from show. Also how Noyan was killed cos it jump to 10 years forward in sogut of season 5.


    1. nurkose says:

      Banu Cicek’s disappearance is definitely one of the plot holes in the show. It may be that the actress’s contract was over or that they wanted to focus on other storylines or some other reason why she never showed up anymore. That was sad 😦
      I think they took Turali out because he wasn’t a main character and many years in the show passed so the same actor wouldn’t have been able to play him. They probably thought his character wasn’t important enough to recast.
      Regarding Noyan, they do mention in Season 5 that he died in the meantime. It was an offscreen death, but at least that time he was ACTUALLY dead and not fake dead like before lol.


      1. Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world. says:

        aw thank you for that! google really don’t help when i’m curious and yes it is about time that Noyan is out! i’m glued to Osman series and i hope to see old faces like Ergutual and his second wife, Turgent, Savci, Arkur bey Just odd Bamsi’s wife and daughter is not in Osman series. i guess i need to watch all 27 episode first.


  27. #Sad scenes says:

    Hi let me say something that might help. Halime does not actually die like that. The actress that played Halime Sultan had to leave so they just killed her off. You probably know that Dirilis Ertugrul is based on real events.In real history Halime stays with Ertugrul until he himself dies.So if the actress stayed you wouldn’t have to see that sad scene.And I think same goes for Samsa.


    1. Ok says:

      Yeah Halime’s death isn’t supposed to happen


    2. YEAH says:

      Yes I agree.

      Liked by 1 person

  28. Ertugrul Fan says:

    Good list, but I wouldn’t personally include Gokce because she was a very annoying and bad character in season 2, and she often caused unnecessary drama. Also I would definitely include Sahabeddin and/or Omer (formerly Claudius) on the list. Sahabeddin was an amazing, strong character who was wrongly called a traitor, he was wanted for so long and he escaped, then when he finally came back to Halep and was praying he was brutally killed by Titus. What made it even worse was Emir Al-Aziz’s heartbreaking reaction to his death. That scene was one of the most painful. And then there’s Omer, who was sent to kill Ibn Arabi but ended up converting to Islam, and who played a crucial role in freeing Ertugrul and his Alps and later in capturing the Knights Templar castle. His brutal killing by Titus was horrific!!
    There are some more minor characters who’s deaths are terrible too, like Izadora and her father Umar. Even Izadora’s sister, Elanora’s death was sad although it was very early, mainly because it was right in front of Umar.
    Admittedly, I’m watching season 2 right now, and haven’t seen all the deaths you wrote about. But Sahabeddin and Omer’s deaths were two more I would include.


    1. nurkose says:

      These deaths were definitely really sad! You did mention many minor characters who don’t quickly come to mind when considering all the deaths in the show overall, so I didn’t think about adding them in my list. I am excited to see if any of your thoughts change once you have watched to the end of Season 2 and beyond!


      1. ERTUGRUL FAN says:

        Haha, yes, I guess it’s true that these deaths are very minor, because these characters were only in Season 1 and not for that many episodes. A lot of these deaths on your list look very sad, my mind probably will change after I see them!


  29. Matt T says:

    This is hands down the best show I’ve ever watched in my life. I’ve watched all 5 seasons in about 5 months. The list of deaths is pretty accurate , although when Ares dies it was pretty upsetting as he found the true path and was loyal to Ertugrul despite being advisories when he first entered the show


  30. Wawi says:

    Season 6 is due to be released and Halime Sultan is back from what I understand.


    1. night says:

      how would she back ertugrul gets a knew wife ‘ilbilge’ do you mean her who they should of used as halime instead of killing her


  31. Alicia Gagot says:

    Love this show u can say I I’m hooked wake up watching go to work come back to watch it . Love it I applaud it and wish they continued to season 6 and more, fascinating had me on the edge of my seat


  32. Lynne Healey says:

    I watched the first episode and thought I wouldn’t cope with the subtitles. By the end of the second episode I was hooked. We watched all 5 series in a few weeks and are already into Osman. I think Demir’s death hit me the hardest. I have never cried so much over many deaths and scenes of grief and loss. When Turgut was being tortured I was distraught. This series has enabled us to get through many weeks of lockdown and isolation during Covid without feeling deprived of anything. Thank you for it.


  33. layla says:

    everyone is the best


  34. Imran says:

    The actors of the loyal characters were not that loyal to the series and decided to leave. So the story had to be adjusted.


  35. shoaib khan says:

    what about dumrul oguz and mergen


  36. night says:

    Halime’s death wasn’t sad of the way she died but because she had children and because in season 5 they still get upset when they talk about her but they don’t really remember others for long after accept for aykiz and when aslihan dies turgut soon after forgets both of them


    1. Filzah Shoaib says:

      Her death was too sad and you are saying her death wasn’t sad what the heck.


  37. Gerry says:

    For me you missed Claudis, to die shortly he found his way, religiously speaking was a tradagy.


  38. Isa says:

    This show is really good, as an American these actors are better than some Hollywood A listened. However, due to some spoiler alerts with deaths I will remain watching seasons 1-2 and maybe 4 . I will not be able to handle some of these deaths Halime, Dugan….


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