Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 2 Timeline and Episode Guide

Are you looking for one of your favorite Ertugrul Season 2 scenes but can’t remember which episode it’s in? Have you just finished Season 1 and are wondering what’s in store for you in the upcoming season? Here is your complete Season 2 episode guide!

Season 2 is very likely the longest season out of all 5 from Dirilis Ertugrul with a whopping 103 episodes on Netflix. There are tons of memorable scenes you may want to look back on without having to rewatch the entire season. Well, luck is on your side because I have compiled all of the major moments (and some notable minor scenes, as well) from Season 2.

Enjoy! (Or not. Season 2 is full of tragedy, drama, death, and destruction. So if you want to stay happy, stop now.)


This should probably go without saying, but of course, this post is FULL of spoilers for Ertugrul Season 2. Proceed at your own risk.

Episode 1: Halime Tells Ertugrul She is Pregnant
Halime tells Ertugrul she is pregnant with their first child, Gunduz.
YouTube Video, Resurrection Ertugrul

Season 2 starts right off with Ertugrul finding out that Halime is pregnant with their first child, Gunduz. The few minutes of joy do not last, however, as Ertugrul soon gets kidnapped by Mongols. Meanwhile, the Kayi tribe is being attacked mercilessly.

Episode 3: Aykiz dies

In one of the all-time saddest deaths of the whole show, Aykiz dies in Turgut’s arms after much agony from being burned alive by Noyan and his soldiers. The actress for Aykiz didn’t stay on for Season 2, so the body that appears in the scene looks nothing like her, a staunch reminder of the excessive cruelty that led to her death.

Episode 4: Ertugrul’s fake death by Noyan

This is the very first time Ertugrul has a fake death scene. This time it’s at the hands of Noyan who makes it seem like Ertugrul has been burned alive. The set-up is so believable that Ertugrul’s entire family and his tribe mourn his loss.

Episode 5: Hand Nail Episode Torture scenes

This is more of an episode to avoid if you are going through Season 2 again. One of the worst torture scenes in the whole show, and I hate that they keep showing flashbacks of it in later episodes.

Episode 8: Alp Banishment, geyikli saves ertugrul
Geyikli saves Ertugrul in Season 2 from Noyan. Quote: Love can kill us from within and also bring us back to life.
Twitter @TRTErtugrul_EN

A lot happens in this very tense episode. Back in the tribe, the alps (Dogan, Abdurrahman, and Hamza) get banished after Tugtekin accuses them of being traitors (when, in fact, it’s his own alp Kocabash who is the traitor). In better news, Ertugrul escapes from Noyan’s den after a very dramatic and stressful sequence of events. He is saved by none other than the funny lovable forest hermit, Geyikli who has his own secret home set-up in a cave in the woods.

Episode 9: Funny Reunion with Ertugrul and His Alps
Ertugrul and his alps reunite in Geyikli's cave in Season 2
YouTube Video, Klera – Ertugrul Fan
After so many episodes of pain, torture, sorrow, and frustration, we finally get a bit of joy and humor in one of the funniest light-hearted moments in the season. Geyikli brings the banished alps to his cave and reunites them with Ertugrul. Because they thought Ertugrul was dead, they are shocked to see him alive and don’t believe it at first. It’s hilarious when Abdurrahman demands to know if Ertugrul is a jinn or some supernatural creature.
Episode 10: Ertugrul Returns to the Tribe
Ertugrul returns to the tribe from the dead.
YouTube, TRT Resurrection Ertugrul
Finally, finally, finally, 10 episodes into the season, Ertugrul returns to his tribe and reunites with his family. His dramatic arrival occurs in the middle of Tugtekin’s alp meeting, so both the Kayi and Dodurga tribes are already gathered together. Ertugrul steals Tugtekin’s spotlight, which makes him angry, so we can already see that this is going to go poorly.
Episode 12: Tugtekin gets chosen as the Alp Basi over Ertugrul

The cousin rivalry between Ertugrul and Tugtekin is already putting their tribe’s fate in a high stakes situation. The Kayis and Dodurgas hold a toy (meeting) to decide who should be the next commander of the alps. When everyone finds out that Ertugrul’s hand is damaged and he can’t fight, Tugtekin is almost unanimously chosen. In a shocking turn of events, Hayme Hatun votes against Ertugrul, and the rest of the Kayi tribe follows her lead. Not only is Ertugrul not given the position of Alp-Basi, but he’s also stripped of the title of alp altogether until his hand heals.

Episode 13: Turgut and Dogan Resign from Being Alps
Turgut and Dogan resign from being alps in a dramatic faceoff against Tugtekin in the alp training courtyard.
Episode 14: Awkward scene between Gokce and Ertugrul
It seems that time did not heal all wounds. Gokce is still in love with Ertugrul even though he has been married to Halime for two years now. There is a super awkward scene between Gokce and Ertugrul in which she tenderly touches his hand. It was so awkward that we thought we had to memorialize it. If awkward scenes make you cringe too much, avoid this scene at all costs.
Episode 15: Ertugrul and Gundogdu have a fist fight
Ertugrul and Gundogdu fight
YouTube, Dirilis Ertugrul
There’s a moment much later in the show when Hayme Ana says exasperatedly, “Won’t you two brothers EVER get along?” (The answer is no.) In Episode 15, Ertugrul and Gundodgdu have a full-on fistfight with insults, blood, lots of blame throwing, and everything else in between. Their enemies watch gleefully.
Episode 17: Ibn Arabi’s First Appearance in Season 2, Secrets about Korkut Come out, and Gundogdu sucks
By the time you get this far into the season, you might be wondering if Ibn Arabi even shows up at all this season. Don’t worry; he’s still alive, and a lot happens in this episode. Firstly, Ibn Arabi makes his first appearance in the season but not in real life (Ertugrul sees him in a dream). We also find out more about Duru Hatun (Korkut Bey’s dead wife) and Korkut’s past; turns out, Korkut is no angel. He was having a secret affair with Aytolun (his current wife) while Duru was still alive.
Furthermore, Gundogdu reaches pinnacle rottenness in this episode and physically abuses Selcan.
In better news, but not much better, Ertugrul starts practicing sword fighting with his injured hand.
Episode 21: How Does Abdurrahman Escape the caged Tent?
Turali helps Abdurahman escape
Pinterest, Hatun

While rewatching this season with my family, we remembered that Abdurrahman would escape from the caged tent, but we couldn’t remember how. It turns out that Turali (the adorable orphan boy who is “adopted” by Deli Demir) has a huge role in this secret mission. Abdurrahman escapes the tent with help from Artuk Bey, Deli Demir, and Turali (who sets a fire so Abdurrahman can leave unnoticed). Meanwhile, Ertugrul is chilling in his tent having dinner with his family so no one can accuse him of helping Abdurrahman escape. Of course, everyone knows or strongly suspects he’s behind it, but they can’t prove it.

Episode 23: Moments with the Alps, aytolun Drama

In this episode, there’s a cute moment with the alps who are having dinner in the cave as they make jokes with each other, and then Dogan ruins it by reminding Turgut of Aykiz.

In other news, Gokce has dinner with Aytolun and the family, and the Selcan-Aytolun drama comes to a head when Selcan slaps Aytolun.

Episode 24: Ibn Arabi’s First Season 2 Appearance that’s not in a dream
Ertugrul meets with Ibn Arabi for the first time in a long time when he goes to visit his dad’s grave and get out the chest he buried there. Meanwhile, Abdurrahman goes to Noyan as a spy.
Episode 25: Clothing ceremony with Ibn Arabi
We finally find out what was in that chest all during Season 1, and honestly, it’s kind of anticlimactic. It turns out that there was an outfit inside the chest that everyone was dying and killing for during the whole first season. Ibn Arabi and Ertugrul have a whole clothing ceremony with a large gathering of the white-bearded men.
Back in the Kayi tribe, Gundogdu continues to be a terrible person, and he kicks Selcan out of his tent.
Episode 26: Halime follows the alps to the cave to see Ertugrul, goncagul’s first appearance

In a cute, fun sequence of events, Halime follows Turgut and Dogan to Geyikli’s cave after they refuse to tell her Ertugrul’s whereabouts. They reunite briefly, while Ertugrul light-heartedly makes fun of Turgut and Dogan for being followed. (They knew she was following them but didn’t know what to do about it, so they just let it go.)

Back at the tribe, Goncagul makes her first appearance in the show. Meanwhile, in Noyan’s lair, Abdurrahman puts doubts in Noyan’s mind about who he can trust.

Episode 27: Ertugrul Sneaks into the Tribe and Gokce Gets her official marriage proposal
Because Ertugrul is exiled, he is technically not allowed to return to the tribe. However, he sneaks into the tribe to meet with Ertokus. This happens to be on the same night as Gokce’s marriage proposal dinner. She sees Ertugrul, and he convinces her to accept Tugtekin’s marriage proposal.
Episode 29: Gumustekin’s first appearance
This episode features Gumustekin’s first appearance. There is also an order for Ertugrul to be killed.
Episode 31: Gumustekin tries to put Halime and Deli Demir in the caged tent
Gumustekin has just joined the show, and he is already causing problems. He tries to put Halime and Deli Demir in the cage as a display of his power.
Episode 32: Bamsi’s first season 2 appearance
Hayme Ana finds out that Sungurtekin is alive
YouTube, TRT Resurrection Ertugrul

I can’t believe we went through 31 episodes without Bamsi in Season 2! Bamsi makes his first appearance with a dramatic entrance that does not disappoint.

Another great scene features Hayme finding out that Sungurtekin is alive.

Later, the old lady who knows Aytolun’s secret meets Selcan and gets killed by Goncagul.
Episode 33: Tugtekin finds out that Kocabash is a traitor
After refusing to believe Ertugrul and his alps for so long, Tugtekin finally finds out that Kocabash is bad in a face-off with Noyan and his soldiers.
Episode 34: Noyan severely injures Tugtekin and his alps and leaves them to die
Tugtekin and his alps get severely injured when Noyan attacks them and leaves them to die after setting a trap for them.
Episode 35: Scary Duru Scene, Ertugrul gets blamed for Tugtekin’s “Death”
In a scary supernatural ghost-like sequence, Duru appears in Korkut’s dream as he continues to feel guilt for his actions. Later, the tribe is informed that Ertugrul killed Tugtekin.
Episode 36: Ertugrul Kills Kocabash and Korkut Bey Accidentally Stabs Hayme Ana
Ertugrul comes to the tribe and kills Kocabash and gets backlash from the Dodurga tribe. Then, in a tense face-off between both tribes, things get out of hand when Korkut accidentally stabs Hayme Ana with a dagger that was intended for Ertugrul.
Episode 38: Ertugrul and Selcan have a talk
Ertugrul and Selcan have a talk. Turns out it is possible to have a civil discussion about dramatic things. Who knew?
Episode 39: Hayme Ana Almost Dies

There are many moments throughout the series when it seems like Hayme Ana might die. Season 2, Episode 39 comes very close. In fact, Hayme Hatun lingers between life and death when she sees Suleyman Shah in what appears to be a dream or vision. In the dream, he basically tells her not to die.

In a terrible, violent attack, Mongols sneak into the tribe at night and go on a killing spree.

Episode 41: Sungurtekin scene

After 1.5 seasons of hearing about Sungurtekin, the long-lost brother who disappeared in battle many years ago, we finally get to see him in person. He appears on his horse in a dramatic first appearance as Deli Demir and Halime are about to get killed.

Episode 42: Ertugrul’s Trial and dramatic rescue scene at Ertugrul’s Execution

After an unfair trial to determine Ertugrul’s fate, the tribes prepare for his execution. However, thanks to some smart planning and quick thinking by Selcan and the alps, there’s a dramatic rescue scene just as Korkut Bey is about to kill Ertugrul.

Episode 43: Tugtekin is returned to the tribe
Ibn Arabi has been secretly caring for Tugtekin and nursing him to back to health as he lingers between life and death. Finally, the alps figure it’s time to bring him back to the tribe to prove, once and for all, that Ertugrul didn’t kill his cousin.
Episode 44: Gundogdu is elected as the new alp basi
Another toy commences, and the beys elect Gundogdu as the new alp basi or commander.
Episode 45: Karabek dies
After an intense battle between Ertugrul’s alps and the Mongols, Ertugrul manages to chase Karabek down and demands information from him. However, Tangut throws his dagger at him before Karabek can say anything, and Karabek dies.
Episode 46: banu cicek’s first appearance
After hearing about Dogan’s supposed love interest at various points in earlier episodes, we finally get to meet Banu Cicek this season. Her first appearance makes for a great comical scene, as we get to witness awkward, lovable Dogan.
Episode 48: Ertugrul and Sungurtekin meet up
For the first time, Ertugrul and Sungurtekin meet up secretly (or so they think) in the karavanserai, but Noyan and the Mongols launch an attack on them. Sungurtekin gets severely injured.
Episode 50: Sungurtekin returns to tribe scene, great sarcastic selcan

In a very emotional scene (one of my favorite and most memorable scenes from the entire show), Hayme Ana is finally reunited with Sungurtekin after years of uncertainty about his fate and longing to see him again.

In this episode, we also get to see some great sarcastic moments and clap-backs by Selcan.

Episode 51: Selcan kidnapped

In a frustrating sequence of events, Selcan gets kidnapped, an event that could have been prevented if Gundogdu entered her tent like he planned to. However, Goncagul draws him away.

Episode 53: Ertugrul and his alps travel to sogut; Selcan is kidnapped; Hamza Escapes

Ertugrul and his alp trio go travel to Sogut in preparation for their big future goals. Selcan is kidnapped, and Hamza escapes.

There is a possible moment in the tribe during this episode when a boom mic might be showing.

Episode 56: Hamza’s funeral
Noyan kills Hamza Alp
YouTube, Ertugrul Ghazi

After his betrayals, Hamza commits a final act of heroism for his tribe before he dies.

Episode 59: Sadettin kopek’s first appearance; Selcan and halime team up

In this episode, Selcan and Halime team up to sneak into Aytolun’s tent during Noyan’s execution. Just when we think Noyan is going to finally pay for all his crimes, Emir Saadettin Kopek makes his first-ever appearance and saves Noyan before he can be killed.

Episode 61: Ertugrul sees suleyman shah in a dream
Ertugrul has a dream and sees his dad who shows him baby Osman under a tree.
Episode 63: Deli demir and Tangut die
In one of the saddest deaths on the show, Tangut kills Deli Demir before getting killed by Sungurtekin.
 Episode 64: Deli Demir’s funeral and mourning
This episode is super sad and emotional, as the tribe finds out about Deli Demir’s death and mourn the passing of such a special person. I have written more specific details about Deli Demir’s death in my 11 Saddest Deaths in Dirilis: Ertugrul Ranked post.
Episode 67: Tugtekin and GOkce’s Wedding
Tugtekin and Gokce get married as Aytolun prepares to poison Korkut Bey immediately afterwards.
Episode 68: Korkut dies

After planning to kill Korkut Bey for most of the season, Aytolun and Gumustekin finally do it.

Episode 70: Funny turgut and bamsi fake fight, Dogan Saves Banu Cicek, Tugtekin becomes bey
Turgut and Bamsi fake fight so Dogan can kidnap Banu Cicek from the caged tent to save her from being executed for Korkut Bey’s death. Tugtekin becomes the new Dodurga bey.
Episode 72: Bamsi goes to school
Fun, light-hearted moments on the show are so rare that they become so memorable when we watch them. In this episode, Bamsi goes to school with the children in the tribe to learn how to read.
Episode 77: Gumustekin is exposed; Selcan, Halime, and Aytolun have a dramatic fighting scene
Gundogdu is dying so Selcan and Halime go to a nearby field to collect herbs that will heal him. Aytolun and Goncagul see them going alone and follow close behind to attack them in an intense fighting scene. Meanwhile, Ertugrul has set up a plot to expose Gumustekin’s true nature to Tugtekin.
Episode 79: Gumustekin is executed
Gumustekin dies by Ertugrul’s hand and Sadettin kopek threatens the entire tribe.
 Episode 80: Dogan proposes to Banu Cicek
Dogan proposes to Banu Cicek
YouTube, Ertugrul Fan
After taking love advice from Bamsi, Dogan proposes marriage to Banu Cicek in one of the funniest, most memorable scenes on the show.
Episode 81: Nawruz festival

This episode features some light-hearted moments as the tribe enjoys their nevrus festival activities.

Episode 83: Dundar and Yigit First Appearance

Dundar and Yigit make their first appearance this season on their journey back to the tribe after their training in the mountains. However, they get attacked by Noyan, and Ertugrul tries to save them to no avail.

Episode 84: Halime goes into labor

Halime finds out about Dundar and Yigit and goes into pre-mature labor. Emir Sadettin Kopek says his key-phrase, “aala” for the first time.

Episode 85: Ertugrul sees suleyman shah in a dream; Noyan brings goncagul to his cave
For a dead character, Suleyman Shah appears quite often this season. Ertugrul sees his father in a dream.
Later, Noyan brings Goncagul to his cave, which he has decorated for her.
Episode 86: Baby Gunduz is born!

We finally have a new baby on the show! Shortly after Kopek stages a rescue for Dundar, GUNDUZ IS BORN, and he is adorable.

Episode 88: Hayme and GUndogdu return from the doctor

Hayme and Gundogdu return from their medical trip and get to meet baby Gunduz.

Episode 89: Tugtekin and Gokce make up

Tugtekin and Gokce finally make up right before some terrible things are about to happen.

Episode 90 Gokce is kidnapped

In this terrible, frustrating episode, we feel a sense of utter helplessness and foreboding during this re-watch because we know how this is all going to end up. Noyan kidnaps Gokce, while Hayme Ana, Selcan, and Gundogdu helplessly watch. Their efforts to save her are futile.

Episode 91: Yigit sends a secret message to Ertugrul; Gokce Kills goncagul

Yigit sends a secret message to Ertugrul and Halime, so they know he didn’t actually betray the state. Gokce kills Goncagul and tries to escape.

Episode 92: Gokce dies, Turgut Escapes and kills ulubilge, Yigit gets shot

This episode is fraught with drama, tragedy, and sorrow. Turgut escapes and kills Ulubilge in one of the only satisfying scenes this episode. In a terrible death scene, Noyan kills Gokce right in front of Tugtekin. Later, Yigit gets shot by Emir Sadettin’s goons.

Episode 93: Selcan Finds out Gokce is dead
The alps find Tugtekin dying and Gokce’s dead body and bring them back to the tribe. In a truly tragic scene, Selcan discovers that her sister has been killed and mourns.
Episode 95: Tugtekin and Gokce’s Funeral
In this episode, we witness Tugtekin and Gokce’s funeral, as well as Ulubilge’s funeral. Also, Ertugrul captures Bogac who leads them to Noyan so they can easily capture him.
Episode 96: turgut leaves ertugrul
Turgut gets mad Ertugrul doesn’t kill Noyan and leaves him. Bamsi and Dogan are shocked and worried about this turn of events.
Episode 98: Ertugrul and sungurtekin fight; Hayme ana gets mad at Ertugrul
This episode features lots of drama. First, Ertugrul and Halime go to Yigit. Meanwhile, Sungur goes to kill Yigit. This results in an intense fight between Ertugrul and Sungurtekin, in which Noyan attempts to escape, but Ertugrul attacks him and leaves him for dead. Sungur gets severely injured in the struggle, and the others rush him back to the tribe. When Hayme Ana discovers what happened, she gets mad at Ertugrul and slaps him in a super dramatic scene.
Episode 100: gundogdu becomes bey of the kayi tribe
After getting support from the beys in the tribe and using bribe money, Gundogdu replaces Hayme Ana as bey of the Kayi Tribe.
Episode 101: Lots of good-byes
This sad episode is full of say good-bye scenes as the family prepares to split up. Despite their disagreements and fights, Gundogdu and Ertugrul shed tears as they say bye to each other. Hayme Ana is devastated that Ertugrul is leaving and also has an emotional good-bye scene with him. Selcan is also very upset and begs Halime not to go.
Episode 102
In this episode, Ertugrul packs up and leaves with whoever wants to go with him. Some complications occur when Sungurtekin gangs up with the Dodurga leaders to stop him from going.
Episode 103: Season Finale
In this dramatic, lengthy season finale episode, Hayme dreams of Suleyman Shah who encourages her to join Ertugrul. As soon as she wakes up, she makes plans to go follow Ertugrul along with the other alps who were wishing they had gone with him.
Along Ertugrul and Halime’s journey to take Yigit to the sultan to declare his innocence, Bogac kills Yigit, and then Turgut kills Bogac. In an intense, scary scene in which Kopek’s soldier kidnaps baby Gunduz, Hayme Ana appears right on time and shoots an arrow at the bad guy, killing him and allowing Ertugrul to grab Gunduz and save him.
COncluding THoughts
This season is definitely an action-packed, drama-filled sequence of events and storylines. Which episode or storyline was your favorite? Let me know if you think I’m missing anything important in my episode guide.

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