7 Reasons Ramadan in Quarantine is Great

Most of the time, we are thinking about all the reasons Ramadan spent in quarantine sucks. But what about all the reasons it’s great?

I have compiled a few handy dandy reminders about all the ways Ramadan is not so bad during quarantine after all.

1. No parking worries

Picture this: it is dark. It is raining. You are in your car struggling to find parking while taraweeh prayers have already started without you, and the car in front of you took the last spot, and now you’re sitting in the middle of a crowded parking lot not knowing what to do. Sound familiar? No? Well, that’s because this is a nonexistent problem in quarantine. Have you started counting your blessings yet?

2. No post-iftar rush

You don’t have to worry about finishing up all your food, dessert, conversations, and clean-up all within the span of an hour because firstly, there’s no masjid taraweeh to catch and secondly, there are no iftar parties in the first place (I guess that should have been first, but anyway, you get my point). In fact, the gap between iftar and isha has never been longer!

3. No worrying about missing Isha in Jama’ah

During quarantined Ramadan, you don’t have to worry about missing Isha in jama’ah or at least catching the last rak’ah because now, Isha isn’t going anywhere without you! Isn’t that great?

4. No iftar wait line

Do you remember feeling your stomach growling and the adhan has already been called so technically you can eat, but you’re in a super long line with this little kid in front of you who is struggling to add all the last few breads on his plate? Well, the iftar wait line is no longer a problem, since you can’t have more than ten people together in a given place at the same time anyway. 

5. No fasting outdoors in the hot sun

Unless you’re an essential worker, you don’t have to worry about long fasts outdoors in the summer sun because firstly, it’s not even summer (1st Ramadan that’s not in the summer in 10 years!), and secondly, you can’t even go outdoors. It’s a win-win situation!

6. No thinking hard to put outfits together to go out while fasting

One of the best parts about Ramadan in quarantine is that you can be dressed however you want all the time. Unless you’re in a Zoom call (and you’re business professional from chest up, while casual for the bottom half), you can thrive in your favorite at-home pajamas. Your fasting brain doesn’t have to worry about putting together matching outfits to go outside because there’s no going out.

7. It’s still Ramadan

Finally, Ramadan in quarantine is still Ramadan with all its blessings and opportunities for reward. Being in quarantine doesn’t change the awesomeness of this month! Alhamdulillah for being allowed to live through yet another Ramadan. May Allah help us make the most of it and bring us back to crowded taraweeh parking lots and long iftar wait lines soon!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Shaheen Rab says:

    Very nice MashaAllah


  2. Bafsiban says:

    I strongly dislike quarantine.


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