Rewatching Dirilis: Ertugrul Season 1 – All the Main Scenes Organized in One Place

Is quarantine really quarantine if you don’t go back and rewatch the whole show of Ertugrul?

After Season 1 of Kurulus: Osman wrapped up, we decided to go back and rewatch Ertugrul from Season 1. When we started watching the show, my dad and my youngest sister weren’t watching with us regularly, so there was a lot they missed out on. So, technically, they are watching these episodes for the first time.

This time, when we started watching the show again, we decided to keep a centralized Google spreadsheet to keep track of all the major moments and scenes that we like to watch over and over again. Are we taking this too seriously? Well, maybe we are, but you can’t laugh at us until you have painfully tried searching for that one scene from a season of 76 episodes to no avail. Seriously, there are way too many episodes to remember what happened when.

So, here’s to making things easy for our other fellow Ertugrul watchers. If you are looking for a memorable scene or episode from Season 1, here you go!

(Note: we didn’t actually start tracking until we were halfway through the first season, but all of those episodes drag a lot anyway.)

Keep in mind that the episode numbers are based on the Netflix episode order and not the original order of episodes. And this should probably go without saying, but MAJOR SPOILER ALERT for Season 1 of Ertugrul.

Now, let us begin.

When does Turgut stab Ertugrul?
Turgut stabs Ertugrul in Season 1, Episode 47

My sister and I waited 47 episodes for this moment. Turgut remained a prisoner for waayyy too long. In Episode 47, he is finally reunited with Ertugrul in a scheming trade between Cardinal Thomas and Ertugrul. However, the blue poison medicine which makes Turgut evil (super unrealistic storyline, I know) causes Turgut to stab Ertugrul twice, hit Afsin Bey and Dogan with a rock, and then stab Bamsi. Turgut then leaves his buddies and goes back with the Crusaders. I really hated this scene aaahhh.

When does Gokce save Ertugrul’s life, resulting in Alpargo stabbing her?
Gokce saves Ertugrul and gets stabbed by Alpargo
Gokce saves Ertugrul in Season 1, Episode 48

This is such a terrible, terrible scene in Episode 48. Kurdoglu concocts this elaborate plan for his minion Alpargo to sneak into Ertugrul’s tent (where he is lying unconscious and wounded) and kill him, thus making everyone in the tribe think he was the hayin (traitor) all along. Of course, part of the plan fails because Gokce comes and saves Ertugrul before Alpargo can kill him. Ertugrul somehow gets a burst of strength and wakes up in time to fight Alpargo back, but not before Alpargo stabs Gokce in such a way that means she can never have a baby.

Suleyman Shah and the others then decide that Alpargo was the traitor all along. Meanwhile, Gundogdu was trying to set a trap for Kurdoglu to see if he was the traitor, but Selcan warns Kurdoglu and he ends up passing the test, so Suleyman Shah and Gundogdu decide that Kurdoglu must be innocent. It’s super frustrating and a very flawed plan, in my opinion, but oh well.

When does Turgut come back to the Kayi tribe after being held by the Crusaders for so long?

In Episode 48, the Kayi alps finally capture Turgut and return him to their tribe after a brutal fight between Titus and Gundogdu. Isadora (who is Pettrucio’s niece) comes to the Kayi tribe and explains to Ertugrul and the others why Turgut is the way he is. She tells them about the blue poison and that he will die if he doesn’t continue drinking it. Spoiler alert: he doesn’t die.

WHen does Gundogdu get poisoned? When does Selcan start to become good?

In Episode 55, Gundogdu gets poisoned by Kurdoglu (but of course no one knows he did it). This episode is also a turning point for Selcan who starts to see the error of her ways and begins to feel regretful for everything she has done.

Turgut Emotional Flashback Scene

We always have to keep track of memorable and emotional scenes. In Episode 56 around the 15 minute mark, Turgut has a sudden emotional flashback remembering his fellow alps while he is in the cage. Then, Kurdoglu comes and feeds him the blue poison again, and Turgut forgets everything again.

When does the dramatic rescue scene happen when Turgut saves Suleyman Shah and his family when it seems like he is about to kill them?
Turgut saves Suleyman Shah and his family in Season 1, Episode 59

We waited for this episode for SO LONG. Every time we thought it was about to happen, it didn’t. When it finally DID happen, we were like, well it’s about time! During this scene, Turgut who is escorting Suleyman Shah, Hayme Ana, Aykiz, Selcan, Gokce, and some of the alps, raises his axe as if he is about to kill Suleyman Shah. But then, in a great surprising twist, he turns and kills the traitor alps and Crusaders who came to make sure he killed Suleyman Shah’s family. This is a great scene to watch and it happens in Episode 59.

When do Turgut and Aykiz get married?
turgut aykiz wedding in dirilis ertugrul
Turgut and Aykiz get married in Season 1, Episode 67

This wedding takes way too long to happen, with all the drama and war and Turgut’s capture and everything else going on. Turgut and Aykiz finally get married in Episode 67 when they a get a small taste of happiness (which, spoiler alert, does not last for long).

When does CLaudius/Omer die?

Claudius dies way sooner than I had originally remembered from my first time watching the show. Shortly after Titus’s suspicions are raised in Episode 69, he confronts Claudius and kills him. In a sad scene afterwards, he brings out Claudius’s body to show Ertugrul what happened. Ertugrul and the alps are sad, but they are grateful Claudius/Omer was able to accomplish his mission and give them a warning signal before he was killed.

When do the Kayis save Yigit from the Crusaders a second time?

When rewatching Season 1 again, I realized that I had completely forgotten that Yigit gets captured by the Crusaders AGAIN in Season 1. This time, it takes a while for him to be reunited with his family. He is finally found by Gundogdu and his alps while Cardinal Thomas tries to escape with him from the castle that is under siege by the Kayi tribe. This happens in Episode 70. Yigit also helps turn the tide in the battle by telling the alps where the secret passage to enter the castle is. He is the real hero in this episode!

When does Petruccio die?

Petruccio is finally killed by Turgut in Episode 71 after the Kayis take over the castle. Turgut is able to get his revenge for all the torture he experienced at the hands of Petruccio.

When does Yigit return to the Kayi tribe (in Season 1)?

The alps send Yigit back to the Kayi tribe ahead of them and he is finally reunited with his sister Halime. He also brings the great news that the Kayi alps succeeded in their mission. When they hear there were many casualties, Hayme Ana gives a motivational pep talk to the women of the tribe to prepare them for all the deaths.

When does El-Aziz visit the Kayi tribe?

After countless episodes of El-Aziz going against Ertugrul, trying to kill him, being persuaded by the Crusader spies, and just generally being really annoying, he finally comes back to the Kayi tribe, brings them gifts, and says kind things to Suleyman Shah and Ertugrul. This is the last time he appears on the show.

Well, those are all the scenes we tracked from Season 1. We are currently watching Season 2 and are updating a more detailed list from Season 2 episodes, so stay tuned for that list!

Are there any important scenes we missed that you think I should add to this list? Let me know in the comments and I can update the post!


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  1. scarredchronology says:

    I was looking for Ahmet (tekfur Ares) death here. Too sad you missed that, really was a thing.


  2. scarredchronology says:

    Well, you didn’t miss anything important, Hooray!
    A good summary, the best part being you watched it together with your family. It’s depressing how family life is slowly fading from our lives…


  3. Luxmi says:

    Yes. You forgot to mention Kurdoglu. You did not mention, how kurdoglu get caught and been punished.


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